Ep.15: How Hand-Drawn Visuals Can Boost Learning and Enliven Your Sessions
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Breathe new life onto your whiteboards and capture learner attention in a distracted world with the help of a fun, easy-to-learn and easy-to-draw visual vocabulary known as sketchnoting, or graphic facilitation.

Well-known ELT materials writer, National Geographic Learning’s Voices series author, and graphic facilitation champion Emily Bryson shows us how. Before proclaiming, “I can’t draw,” see how Bryson transforms simple letters, and basic shapes into meaningful icons that YOU can replicate.

As Bryson states, “If you can draw a circle, a square, and a triangle, you can sketchnote.” While it may appear to be geared to young audiences, graphic facilitation has been proven to aid memorization at any age. This fresh note-taking style is not only great for neuro-diverse learners, it also lends itself beautifully to the ESL setting, offering trainers a time-saving technique that engages discussion. What’s more, graphic recording as a practice is being rapidly adopted by top corporations as a means of capturing vital content in important meetings.

There’s no better time to get familiar with this captivating technique that is sure to be a value-add to your Business English training.

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