Ep.26: One To One: The Keys to Solo Student Success with Rob Howard
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About the episode:

On today’s ESL Breakroom Podcast we’re joined by Rob Howard, one of the joint coordinators of IATEFL Besig, President of IATEFL Poland, and an incredibly experienced trainer, teacher trainer and speaker and author.

Today he’s joining us to talk about his newly released book, One To One: An Updated and Practical Guide to Teaching written with Andrzej Stęsik now available on Amazon.

Rob sheds light on the inspiration behind the book and his motivation to collaborate on this comprehensive guide to one-to-one sessions.

The set-up and dynamics of one-to-one training is quite different to group work, and whether you’re a new ESL trainer or an experienced educator, Rob’s book offers valuable insights for everyone.

For those new to the field, the book serves as an essential companion, providing tips and practical advice to kickstart your journey including thoughts on the business side of freelancing, and sample contracts.

Experienced ESL trainers and coaches will find refreshing and thought-provoking themes and topics, structured to help you build your learner’s confidence and deepen the trainer/trainee connection – a cornerstone of successful learning.

Find Rob’s book at one-to-one.be or on Amazon!

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