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In this thought-provoking episode of the ESL Breakroom Podcast, we sit down with Meri Maroutian, an English language teacher and passionate equity advocate for the rights of non-native speaker ESL teachers. Together, we delve into the topic of “Native Speakerism,” the perception that native English speakers are inherently better as language models or teachers, and its impact on the ESL industry.

Native Speakerism is a hot-button issue that has been sparking debate within the ESL community. Join us as we dissect what Native Speakerism really means and why it is a discriminatory practice. Meri, an accomplished ESL professional who is also a non-native English speaker, brings her unique perspective to the table as a former Business English trainer, current teacher and equity advocate: someone who is committed to calling out pervasive stereotypes and systemic biases.

In her role as equity advocate, she sheds light on the challenges faced by non-native speaking English teachers and the need for greater inclusivity and recognition. She points out how native speakerism holds capable language professionals back from doing their jobs and prevents deserving learners from positive learning experiences.

Together, we explore actionable ways that ALL teachers of ESL, regardless of their native language, can contribute to raising awareness and dismantling Native Speakerism.

Tune in to this eye-opening conversation that calls for unity, understanding and helps to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and supportive environment for ESL teachers worldwide.

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