Ep.10: How to Spice Up Your Lessons with Maxine Kinzett
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    About the episode:

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that training people in Business English always has to be “serious business.”

    Games are a great way to relax and energize your learners, and studies have shown that we learn better when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves. There’s no reason not to try a few in your next session.

    Join us on the next episode of the ESL Breakroom as we talk with experienced trainer Maxine Kinzett, who will be sharing some of her favorite game ideas for ESL sessions. She’ll be talking about her own struggle with adapting her games for online learning, and her work-around solutions, as well as the feedback on games from her recent return to in-person learning.

    If you’re looking to freshen up your sessions, find new and fun ways to test your learners’ progress, or learn how to put some new twists on old classics, you’ve come to the right place.

    You’re sure to come away with a tip or two to change up your lessons this week!

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